Our 24 hour emergency service is a vital part of providing you with peace of mind, in the unlikely event of anything going wrong during your journey. We receive news alerts about worldwide events and should they concern you, we will make sure you hear about it straight away. We also have an internal system, which can locate, track and communicate any risk which might affect your safety. 




Compatible with all iPhone and Android phones, the mobile app provides you with easy access to any itinerary information needed. At the touch of a button you can obtain airport flight statuses, as well as gate and baggage information.


By completing a simple form, we can log your individual traveller preferences and information, such as passport details, loyalty cards and seat preferences. By keeping all these details on file, there's no need to repeat your individual requirements, and we can provide a quicker, more accurate service, whenever we make any future travel plans on your behalf.




We are certified travel professionals who take the business of providing a first-class service very seriously. Each member of staff has undergone extensive quality assurance training and can be relied upon to provide a complete range of travel management services. All our staff are fully trained in offering alternative travel solutions; ‘thinking outside the box’, they will suggest more cost effective options, or potentially easier routes wherever possible. We also pride ourselves on arranging comfort extras which can help make your travel experience that little bit better. We make sure your travel is simplified, so that you're free to get on with your business.


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