We firmly believe that by providing a dedicated and personal approach to your business travel needs, we will save you time and money in the long run. We are experts when it comes to planning journeys and finding the most cost effective way of travelling, so let us spend the time doing what we are good at, whilst you can focus your energies elsewhere.


We provide comprehensive data which allows us to analyse your company’s travel expenditure and trends. The information allows us to look at new ways we can align your travel spend by making recommendations to use certain suppliers who may provide preferential rates. We also offer a competitive pricing strategy which is all part of our open and honest approach. This allows us to look at ways to align travel spend by making recommendations to use certain suppliers for preferential rates. 




The UNIGLOBE Reporter gives you better control and gives you an insight into your company’s travel spending. You gain access by your own unique secure ID and password and once online you can create custom reports which can provide real-time spending detail. Our reporting also allows you to easily comply with travel and procurement policies.


With our duty of care programme we can track and locate your traveller during their journey, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, communicating with you or them should we need to. This helps enhance their safety, as well as keeping you both informed with the very latest information which might affect travel plans, such as airport delays, closures and security risks.

Our emergency rescue line has been designed to give your traveller complete peace of mind during their trip. The service is available when our offices are closed, so there is always someone around to assist, should any travel issues occur during a trip, such as flight cancellations, emergencies or security risks.




Our travel policy consultation helps ensure you are receiving effective travel management within your budget. As part of this service we will monitor staff adherence to your company’s travel policies, as well as reviewing your current procedures and practices regularly.


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