Ford embarked on an amazing adventure to prove their worth in the luxury SUV market. Venturing from Athens, they drove 24 Kuga show vehicles and 21 crew vehicles an incredible 7,497kms across Europe to reach Cape North in an epic road trip.

With a clear picture of what was required logistically from the Event Manger, Inside Track (automotive logistics experts and part of the DHL Group), Prestige Business Travel set to managing the detail of getting the event guests, and crew members to the right places, at the right times and with a bed to sleep in.

In our challenge to take care of over 400 media guests and a support team of over 50 Valeters, Presenters, Drivers, Photographers and Engineers, we booked a total of 757 flights (342 of which were indirect) and an amazing 2,529 hotel rooms. Ensuring, of course, that each traveller had the correct ticketing and personal itinerary for every step of the way.


464 traveller itineraries

757 flights

2,529 hotel rooms

897,403 air miles flown

And a commendable achievement for us as a team working with our direct client, Inside Track, as reflected in personal feedback from Vicki Gentle, Director, Inside Track.

"Firstly, I would like to say a big thank you to you and your team. From my involvement you have been wonderful, committed, always available and you have provided solutions to problems as well as doing your jobs."

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