Why should we use a Travel Management Company?

We believe there are three main reasons to use a TMC over booking yourselves:

1. As a business you have a legal responsibility of A Duty of Care to your employees, particularly important when you have employees who travel for you internationally.  You are expected to analyse travel exposures, develop corporate travel policies, educate your employees on their travel destinations and at ALL times know where your employees are; all of these requirements are covered with an effective travel policy set up with your TMC.

2.  Provide 24/7 support to your travel bookers and your travellers.

3. Effective Cost Savings on your bottom line - a TMC with access to worldwide negotiated fares and consolidator packages with technology to produce best prices available, can show substantial savings which can be reported and proven.

Do you have a Service Level Agreement?

Yes, we believe it's important to define our service level so that you have an expected benchmark on which to measure our success.

Do you offer bespoke business solutions?

Yes. We focus a great deal of time and effort in understanding each new client's business, so that we can provide the right travel solutions to match individual needs. We start by suggesting best practices and then fine-tuning solutions to suit your specific needs. We also believe in face-to-face meetings and developing strong personal partnerships, built on trust, professional attitude and presence.

With a strong foundation firmly in place we will then work as hard as we can to maintain our business relationship, making ourselves available to come to your offices as regularly as you require.

You are a local small business, can you support our travel requirements fully?

Yes. Our strength is that we are an independent local hands on travel management company, with the  global buying power and reach of the renowned UNIGLOBE group, with over 750 offices in 6 continents in 60 countries.

Will our travellers still earn points on Air and Hotel reward programmes?

Yes. All travellers are requested to complete our Traveller Profile Form, they can then list their loyalty and frequent traveller programmes which they are enrolled on. Our dedicated consultants use this profile to ensure their reward programmes are entered into flight bookings, or if it’s a hotel that they book the hotels direct, to ensure they receive their benefits and gain entitled points.

What are your payment solutions?

We have our own credit facility which we invoice you directlyour terms and conditions are bimonthly statements with payment by BACS within 5 workings days of receipt. The alternative offer is applying for a Business Travel Account with American Express OR Airplus who may be able to give you longer payment terms dependent on your own credit rating.


Our Focus is simple; We take care of your business travel, so your're free to take care of your business.